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Yahon360 is a digital music distribution platform that allows you to share your talent on more than 130 digital stores and release your music worldwide in a few steps, by overcoming any bureaucratic obstacles and temporal problems.


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Monitor your music in real time and get the help you need with the management of your music rights, song production and cover creation.

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Gain visibility on the most important sharing channels of the music industry in less than 48 hours: with Yahon360 you will be able to view your performance statistics on music stores simultaneously thanks to a single and easy interface.

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Yahon360 is the only platform in the music industry to pay you on a monthly basis – create a steady and reliable income streams.



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Yahon360 rewards artists who make a difference in the music world: show your talent and play your cards right to get a recording contract. Turn your passion into a career/your dream job/your dream career/a successful career.

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Unlimited Artists

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Unlimited tracks

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*Possibilità di ottenere un contratto discografico


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€ 19,99

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5+ Artists

Unlimited tracks

Customized label

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*chance to be signed to a record label